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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


After a weekend of selling Multi coloured Tropical Cupcakes with Fifi I've been thinking about one of my favourite print designers-

Emilio Pucci, Italian Fashion Designer and Politician (you know, I always thought these 2 careers could be linked in so many ways!!) designed incredible signature Prints, that are a Kaleidescope of Geometric patterns and colours, from his Family home- The Pucci Palace in Florence during the 1940's through to the late 80s-

His label continues today,this collection featured from Autumn/Winter 2008 still holds on to the vintage aesthetic and has a strong 70s feel, while the first image shows a shot from his 1960s designs-

Have a look at some of these images- a flurry of bold colours and shapes to inspire summer wardrobes all over...

Love Lola x x x

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