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Friday, 29 January 2010


finally i am posting this mini reportette... Berlin was a fantastic city!

I researched the top Vintage destinations before i packed my leopard print trunk and bumbled off to Stanstead, and heard that the flea markets ( Mitte region of the City, only on a Sunday) and a chain of huge charity shops named Humana were the best places to discover some buried bavarian treasure!

The city has 18 branches of Humana, (one of which has 5 floors!) I managed to successfully locate one of these! Which was in Alexandraplatz, affordable vintage shop prices in a large charity shop setting, there was a mix of vintage (mostly divided into areas of decade, like a vintage department store!) and newer second hand clothes, a full afternoon of rummaging is definatelt required here!

This little vintage bee thought London was a big city....Boys and Gals i was mistaken! Berlin is giant, and in minus 11-13 temperatures it was trickey to explore.

I had imagined plenty of folk dressed as these two cheeky sausages featured in this 70s knitting pattern, however i found none!

I think it was too chilly for the fashionistas to pear out from behind their hoods and hats, so alas a minimal report on Berlin i'm afraid! I hope to return again when it's warmer and get a better look...

Love Lola x x x

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Just a quickie boys and gals, my fingers are nearly thawed out after a rather cold visit to Berlin ready to blog my discoveries,

In the mean time here's peak at an amazing Bowie Photo from the late 70s, I couldn't resist it!! Showing off some volumous vintage striped trousers.

Patterned jeans and trousers are gonna be big this spring, Think 90s floral jeans and polka dots, high waisted drain pipes / straight cut, or cut off for shorts.

Love Lola x x x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

viva vintage versace and kate you bloody gem!

just before i hot foot it to berlin for a few days thought i'd take a moment to reflect on a pretty amazing piece of 90s versace....

this was a hugely photographed appearance of liz hurley in versace at the time, that i until recently had forgotten about..... 90s is really on trend this year, as we have entered a new decade and it has pretty much officially become a vintage era, so expect to see lots this spring and summer,oh and start re watching some old favourites like Blossom and Saved by The Bell for some inspiration....girls bring on the floral jeans, big hair and crop tops.

But for more glam 90s trends lok no further than our Liz here, black and gold screams 90s party, and roll out that BIG gold costume jewellery.

oh and because i couldn't resist here is a also a few cheeky shots of a 90s young kate moss for calvin klein, keep make up neutral (something i RARELY say....) and cut off those ribbed tops

Auf vierdesehn for now,

Love Lola x x x x x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Vintage Patisserie

This is a belated post to simply express to you the pure joy i felt sitting amongst the tea, cakes and beautiful vintage clad ladies of The Vintage Patisserie at the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair in December.

Check them and thier lovely website out here

and book them for your own event!

I'm telling you, These gals know how to throw a tea party! Pretty isn't the word... english baked goods, well brewed tea and personal cupcakes all served in beautiful vintage china on a doily dressed table, what could be better??

Here are a few photo's taken with some of my vintage costume jewellery too...

Love Lola x x x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

let it snow....

This snowy british down pour has meant sourcing vintage treats is becoming increasingly tricky for yours truly, I can't wear my 50's heals in the snow....and so I cannot totter around my usual haunts to investigate and discover vintage treasures!!

But I always say if you can't beat em join em, so, I am digging out the vintage knits and snow themed treats....but for now here's a look into some gloriously naff knitted creations from the 50s, 70s and 80s......

Stay warm!
Love Lola x x x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

An exciting year ahead vintage fans....Lola's Vintage Wardrobe Online Store will be launched shortly...the count down begins!!

I will also be Blogging a full Vintage report from the second hand, vintage and junk shops and flea markets of Berlin in a few weeks, hopefully a report or 2 from Paris after that, and then Japan (lace glove clad fingers crossed....)
So, Lola's International Vintage Handbook if you will!

So that's a look into the future, for now, as usual, a little peak into the past.....

Madonna has been my Xmas theme tune this year....Strike the pose people.

So here's a little peak into the fashion fiend's dabble into lace gloves, as well as a bang up to date look at a recent project from Glovedup for House of Organza, see more here...


This autumn/winter saw a celebrated return for lace, perhaps spring/summer will keep this going, if so i predict white and cream vintage lace,


Love Lola x x