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Friday, 29 January 2010


finally i am posting this mini reportette... Berlin was a fantastic city!

I researched the top Vintage destinations before i packed my leopard print trunk and bumbled off to Stanstead, and heard that the flea markets ( Mitte region of the City, only on a Sunday) and a chain of huge charity shops named Humana were the best places to discover some buried bavarian treasure!

The city has 18 branches of Humana, (one of which has 5 floors!) I managed to successfully locate one of these! Which was in Alexandraplatz, affordable vintage shop prices in a large charity shop setting, there was a mix of vintage (mostly divided into areas of decade, like a vintage department store!) and newer second hand clothes, a full afternoon of rummaging is definatelt required here!

This little vintage bee thought London was a big city....Boys and Gals i was mistaken! Berlin is giant, and in minus 11-13 temperatures it was trickey to explore.

I had imagined plenty of folk dressed as these two cheeky sausages featured in this 70s knitting pattern, however i found none!

I think it was too chilly for the fashionistas to pear out from behind their hoods and hats, so alas a minimal report on Berlin i'm afraid! I hope to return again when it's warmer and get a better look...

Love Lola x x x

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