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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One Damn Fine woman in One Damn Fine Dress

I had to take a moment to post this incredible Dress modeled by one of the super supers of the 90s, Cindy Crawford herself makes this dress look as shit hot as it truely is, bold coloured linings and intricate, clever pleats and folding makes this one a hell of a Little Black Dress! (These 2 gals were shot for Vogue 1992 and lets not forget the 3 ladies from TLC in thier earlier style)

Achieve this look this summer with some clever placement of Bright Bold fabrics and Accessories... Loving the 90s this season! So here's a few more beauties from the newly certified Vintage Era! I'm gradually filling my stock pile with some real genuine and fabulous 90s pieces for you all for this summer! You lucky Lot!

Love Lola x x x


  1. Is the top one Cleopatra?! as in... Coming Atcha?! hahaha - that takes me back!!!!

    <3 Little Rachael

    Little Rachael Vintage - Follow Me!

  2. actually its TLC the early years... but thanks for reminding me of Cloepatra!! the dodgy brittish equivilent girl band i reckon!
    Love Lola x x