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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Last Sunday we donned our finest sunday best and headed to a secret (Shhhhh....) London Location to discover a room full of well dressed individuals listening to a wailing gramaphone, playing cards with new and old friends, supping tea from mis matched fine china and eating one hell of a lot of cake....!

The Shoreditch Sisters WI are the fabulous ladies responsible for this affair and I really do hope they do it again!

Here are a few snaps, Fifi and lola were asked to bake up some treats, we created a spread of House of Cards sparkle cupcakes and Bread and Butterfly psychedelia cupcakes... for cakes and parties drop us a line...

Love Lola x x x

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  1. What fun ! I'd love to do that, my best friend Josie is a member of her local W.I. think I'll try and persuade her to do a similar tea party-any excuse for having tea & cake from lovely old china.
    Found your site via Vintage Fairs, love the 60s B&W photos of hats, I'm a jumble fanatic too, however some days are more memorable for the elbows in your ribs than the great vintage finds!
    Keep blogging